My story is a simple one. It is not riddled with the Hollywood vision of a troubled, pained, starving artist, but just a person who has always loved to make art.

I don't fit into a nice tidy category. My work is mostly imaged based, but I look to painting, incorporating found objects and in general breaking the rules. I like to repurpose items and present an everyday object in a different way.
Besides my artwork I spend lots of time in my garden and antiquing, always exploring what is out there to be discovered.

My other two passions, which you will find in my shop are all natural handmade Soap and soy Candles! I have always had a nose like a Bloodhound, so I am very aware of scents. Making soap and candles feeds a different side of me, the one who gardens, cooks, is health conscience and of course likes a fabulous smell. I have been a soapmaker for over 8 years and a newbie at candlemaking.

I guess one could peg me as being a modern day homemaker and helper to all, since I feel through my art, soap, and candles I am helping people live their lifes more honestly.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Siouxsan Miller
Vintage Urban Girl, Twig Natural Soap Company & Green Daffodil Soy Candleworks