Bloodshot Records
I am not the only Miller in my family who took the hard road to have a niche business. My brother Rob blazed his own trail in the music industry. So, I have the visuals and he has the sounds, and you'll be all set.

Catching Fireflies
April, the founder of this company, and I meet years ago at a small show. We clicked immediately sharing our high energy and creative destiny, since we both knew as children that this was our direction. Check out her on-line store, blog, and two great stores in the Detroit area.

This store jumped out at me in Toronto and I fell head over heels in love. They take vintage clothes and repurpose them into totally different hip clothes. The things I have gotten there are not only made well, but are so unique and well cut. Each is different so, there are many decisions to be made, but all in a fun environment. If you have not been to Toronto this store and others on Queen Street are a must for the fashion brave.